Website Tools

Professional Backup Plan

When you rely on a website there is nothing worse than losing your data, your web host disappearing or the website crashing or getting hacked. Codeguard is an automatic backup system that keeps your website and databases backed up, daily.

5gb storage

Up to 10 websites

Full restore with one click

Video Concierge

Communicate your message on your website with impact and in a way that stands out from the crowd with video messaging. Have your own website concierge to effectively communicate your sales message, special information or anything at all.

ADA WEBSITE Monitoring and Compliance Widget

Help avoid the potential of costly lawsuits and make your website instantly ADA accessible.

Our monthly service instantly makes your website near 100% ADA compliant, Note that no widget or special ADA Compliant code service can provide 100% ADA website compliance. Some websites may require some internal coding to be 100% compliant which is available for additional small hourly charge.

Save thousands! Only $149.95 annually plus one-time $199 setup fee.

*Please Note
SHOPIFY websites may require additional setup fee. No system, including ours will make your website 100% ADA Compliant. it is considered an excellent first step. The key to preventing a lawsuit is to have your website be as close to error free as possible, if not entirely error free, when scanned by a third party compliance tool, and to have an active process for web accessibility. Our system works to make you near compliant and to provide better web accessibility for the impaired. For a small fee, generally a few hundred dollars (unlike most that are charging thousands based upon your lack of knowledge and fear of lawsuits) we can also help you to mitigate and clear any other errors on your website so that you can be 100% ADA compatible with respect to popular third party tools that audit sites for compliance. This does not include any user testing which is recommended for 100% compliance.