Our text message marketing company, eTextco which already offers one of the most affordable and comprehensive commercial text message marketing platforms in the industry, now also has affordable custom kiosks for point of sale customers to opt-in to your loyalty programs and marketing. For less than $350 a custom kiosk with a quality brushed nickle stand can be preprogrammed with your eTextco text message marketing system.

Better than the KIOSK module in our standard platform, the custom tablet is preprogrammed with our proprietary software and enables you to quickly and easily incorporate a comprehensive text message marketing program into your store.

With the eTEXTco tablet you will seldom need to even login to your advertiser portal as you can do most everything directly from the tablet.

Once the tablet is setup, a customer simply enters their cell phone number into the keypad in order to join your advertiser program. When/if you want to send a text message blast to the list of customers in the system, it is very easy to do directly from the tablet with no need to login to your control panel. Simply enter your private four digit pincode into the tablet and this enables the back-end where you can quickly and easily type and send a text message to the list.

For more information about the eTextco Text Message Marketing program simply call us at 1-866-622-5710 or visit www.etextco.com.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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