Our custom product commonly known as GotoWebbuilder is being closed forever. We've already sent notice of this to all clients currently using that system along with explanations and the alternative as well as providing free upgrades to those clients on to the new system.

Basically it goes like this. The gotowebbuilder program was a fantastic piece of software and used the latest technologies to provide a custom solution to easily build your own website quickly and easily online without knowing anything technical. Just like Wix or Squarespace or any of the other online website builders.

However times change as do needs. And, we listen to our customers and always try to find solutions to their wants. as good as this product was some still had some problems learning their way around it. Might be it was too fancy in that regard. And like virtually all of the online web builder programs out there you could never break out of the template to customize things like the overall styling or add different fonts, etc. (Actually you could but it required you to use our advanced editor and many dind't know how to do this).

Plus there were simply other limitations no matter how we tried to overcome them.

So we went back to the drawing board. We solved all of the problems. And came up with an entirely new system that will serve for many years to come and hands down is the best online website builder program we've ever seen and we've seen them all. And it addresses and solves all of the problems we've seen over the years. Even better, we're able to offer it at rediculously low prices.

So now you can easily build a high quality professional, mobile friendly website for next to nothing!

See more about the new online website builder at www.adtasticwebbuilder.com

Monday, April 18, 2016

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