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Custom Kiosk

Introducing the eTEXTco all-in-one custom tablet. Better than a KIOSK the custom tablet is preprogrammed with our proprietary software and enables you to quickly and easily incorporate a comprehensive text message marketing program into your store.

With the eTEXTco tablet you will seldom need to even login to your advertiser portal as you can do most everything directly from the tablet.

How it works is this:

We preprogram the table with your logo and branding and plugged into either an opt-in or a loyalty program and your select opt-in list on the back end.

The tablet comes with a high quality brushed nickle stand that is either mountable with the included screws or mounting tape.

Once the tablet is setup, a customer simply enters their cell phone number into the keypad in order to join your marketing program.

When/if you want to send a text message blast to your list, it is very easy to do directly from the tablet with no need to login to your control panel. You simply enter your private four digit pincode into the tablet and this enables the back-end where you can quickly and easily type and send a text message to your list.

Technical answers:

The Kiosk requires a wireless internet connection in order to work/transmit its data however the data sent is small so uses very little bandwith.

The Kiosk will work even when there is not an internet connection so it will save any data entered then transmit when the connection is again viable.

We use an Insignia 8″ or 10″ tablet and both have been tested extensively for reliability.

The tablet comes with a high quality nickle stand, not a cheap kiosk stand made of plastic.

There is a 1 year warranty on the tablet.

We do not sell the tablet without it being preprogrammed with an existing advertisers information so you need an advertiser in the system for us to assign it to before you purchase the tablet.

Your cost for the tablet, pre programmed with your advertisers information is:

8″ tablet $349.00 plus shipping

10″ tablet $399.00 plus shipping

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