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INBOX Feature

new features available in your text message marketing platform. In your control panel you will now find a new module titled "Inbox".
When sending a text blast to your subscribers many of them might perceive it as a personal msg. Therefore they reply to it as if you are sending this msg privately to them.
Since the user will never receive a reply back & potential business is lost and so you don't miss out on these opportunities, we built INBOX!
With the eTEXTco new inbox feature you now have the ability to capture what your subscribers are replying!

Under your eTEXTco Advertiser Account Inbox
You can:
  1. Search for a specific number
  2. Delete there response back.
  3. Opt-Out the number from the list they are responding to
  4. "Details" See the actual msg the subscriber is replying to
Also as part of our new INBOX feature we improved the way our system is auto responding to end users.
STOP process: responses like stop!! "stop" stop.
Stop texting me will now be considered as STOP
Keyword Not Found: When a user is texting a sentence like
"I am interested" or "leave me alone" the system will not reply Keyword Not Found and will just store it in the INBOX for you to decide what action to take.

We've also added an amazing enhancement to our Inbox feature:

Two-Way Texting

With two-way texting, you will be able to diversify the conversation by enabling a two-way communication experience between you and your recipient. With this innovative feature, businesses are able to send out whatever they please such as updates, notifications, and even special offers that individuals can instantly reply to directly from their mobile phones. Customer support can also be done through our chat platform which enables a more efficient system to be created between a business and their clients.

When consumer bases are capable of replying to ad campaigns and receive prompt responses directly on their phones, not only does it assist in lead generation, but it also enables trust and loyalty to grow for any given business. Overall, no matter how it's used, two-way texting will benefit any business.

All you have to do to start using our two-way texting enhancement is click on the "Chat" link next to the message in the Inbox. This will bring up an individual chat window where you will easily be able to respond and receive text messages as needed. Important to remember however, all outgoing messages will use a message credit.

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