Using the new mail center

If you have signed up for Enterprise Email or you have a website builder account with email here is what you need to know about getting started with email, setting up email accounts and accessing email.

1. When logged into your account at go to your services. Click the green button next to the active service (such as your web hosting or webbuilder service. There you will find a button for the email dashboard. Once in that dashboard you can setup email accounts.

2. to access an email account simply go to and login using your email address and password you configured when you setup the email account. The email control panel makes a random password so you will need to write it down in order to use it the first time. But once in the email account you can and should change the password to something you can remember more easily. But remember the system will require at least 8 characters and one number.

3. The new webmail client for online access is way cool! We are using a state of the art system known as OX App Ware that integrates a lot of features. Especially if you like to answer email via a tablet or smartphone. It provides a feature to save a button on to your smartphone for easy access. Plus it has a lot of great features if you are always on the go such as a calander, adding your social accounts and more.

Just some of the great features and benefits are:

Professional email for individual users - A web based digital communication platform with access to your accounts, secure cloud storage, and spam protection.

  • POP/IMAP/Webmail
  • Customizable User Dashboard
  • Calendar/Contacts
  • Unified Inbox allows you to integrate your
    other email accounts
  • Storage per Mailbox - 2GB

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