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My credit balance says zero

You signed up for a text message marketing program. You are supposed to have a specific amount of credits (for example 1250 with the basic program). Your credit balance in the control panel says zero (or a small amount such as 100).

No worries! It is supposed to look that way.

The credit balance system works in reverse. Generally it starts at zero. Then will show a minus for each one you use until you reach your monthly limit.

In some cases you may have a small balance such as 50 or 100. This is because we have gifted you extra credits above your monthly allotment. Usually this is because you have a new account and is our gift or promotion to you for signing up for the program.

We also allow small overages. Usually about 50 on a basic account. This is only as a courtesy like an overdraft protection in the event you are running a campaign and getting close to your limit. If you need additional credits you will need to contact us. Additional credits are sold in packages from .07 per credit to as low as 1.9 cents per credit.

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