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Text Message Marketing Quick Start Tips

Here is the quick start tips for starting your first text message marketing campaign.
1. Login to your text message marketing program at (ignore any certificate error, we use a self-signed server certificate)
2. Before starting any campaign you must first have a keyword. Click the keywords link and generate your keyword. If a keyword is already being used in the system you will not be able to generate it. Once you have successfully generated an appropriate keyword for your campaign click the close link and refer to step 3.
3. Now you must create the opt-in list. This is the list that will store your callers when they respond to your promotion by joining your text message program. Click "Contacts" Tab then the "Create New" link. Follow the prompts to create your opt-in list. (If you want everyone that opts-in to your list to automatically get a coupon then before this step you will need to create a coupon under the mobile coupons link in the previous window).
That's all there is to it! Now your basic marketing program is ready to go.
Everyone that texts your keyword to the shortcode is opted-in to your program and can begin receiving your special offers! It's that easy!

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