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Webmail button in client account

Your client account has a webmail button in it. (If you host a domain with us). When you click it, it will load a window to provide options for accessing webmail. (Alternatively you can easily access an individual webmail account by going to

The webmail button provides three choices for webmail. Squirrelmail, roundcube and horde. Most choose squirrelmail since it is the easiest to use so for our example here we will use it.

To have an email address you would first set one up using the cpanel button. Very easy to do once in cpanel simply by going to the email account button. If you do not set up an email addrss and go to the webmail, the account you will see is one tha tliekly will never have any email since it is a default account setup by cpanel when the hosting account is setup.

Once you have the email account(s) setup in cpanel, if you use the client services area to access webmail, you will NOT by default go into the new email account. Instead you will always get the default email account that cpanel uses. Cpanel automatically has a default account that is the first 8 letters of your domain name. This account cannot be deleted. It is used to cause any emails sent to your domain by spammers that do not know your email address to fail. (It is a sort of a "blackhole" for emails incoming that have no legitimate address). Call it a system generated email account. Weird, but it works that way.

So if you want to access the email address (or addresses) you have set up in cpanel by using the one click webmail button in the client services area, you have to add them into the account in webmail. it's very simple to do.

Click the webmail button, Choose the squirrelmail (or any of them but our example uses this one). Click Options/Personal Information/Advanced Identities. Add the email address you want to be able to access with the one click webmail button. Save it. (And you can also add additional email addresses if needed)

Then go to folders/subscribe. Highlight the email address and click subscribe. It is now a link in the left menu. Clicking the link opens it so you can access it. Now when you use the webmail button and login to your webmail simply click the link for that email address and you are where you need to be. Can do this also for additional email addresses as necessary.

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