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What does "unlimited" hosting really mean?

When you say "Unlimited Hosting" does that really mean unlimited?

Most web hosting companies provide different levels of hosting packages that provide you a specific amount of product and service for a specific price. Such as the amount of storage space, transfer bandwidth, email accounts, ftp accounts, databases and so forth.

Our unlimited web hosting does not put any restrictions on your usage. However, your usage IS within the contraints of the system itself and what would be considered to be acceptable normal and customary hosting practices for a standard website. In other words, you wouldn't be able to store files on the server that exceeded the limitations of our servers storage capacity, that would be unreasonable and out of the ordinary. If for some reason, you did need an exceptionally large amount of storage space (such as running an image hosting service or something to that effect), then you  would need to make arrangements with us as our standard terms of service do not include image hosting, music hosting or other services of this type. IN such a case, you would be better served having your own dedicated server and we do offer competitive rates for both managed and unmanaged dedicated servers.

Our unlimited hosting is not for large corporation websites that would expect to receive the type of traffic and data transfer consistent with a large enterprise. We do offer web hosting services of this type, generally with dedicated hosting services as this type of service would not normally be to your best advantage with a shared hosting environment anyways.

Our unlimited hosting service is within a shared hosting envirnment and is generally reserved for small businesses within the normal average usage appropriate to a small business. If we find that a website hosting account is taking advantage of this policy by utilizing the service in a manner that falls outside the normal and customary use of the aggregate average of all of our shared hosting accounts then we reserve the right to suspend the individual service with a notification of the result of suspension and a request to correct the issue before the account would be reinstated, or to terminate the service altogether at our discretion and without recourse.

Generally speaking, as long as you use the service for what it is intended for then there should never be an issue about needing resources such as additional email accounts, storage space or bandwidth, databases or ftp accounts and so forth, nor any concerns that using additional resources would cost more money.

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