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How does the "CHAMP" plan work and why should I use it?

The CHAMP Hosting and Marketing plan is designed to provide you with the consistent professional site marketing that is necessary to achieve success with your website.

This plan is modeled after the same exact plan we used to take one of our original clients Arkansas Boating Center from 400 visitors per month on their website and $0 in Internet revenue to over 10,000 visitors per month and over $475,000 in annual Internet revenue. The biggest difference between their plan and this one is that they paid us $800 per month at the time. Traditionally, this is the least amount that most professional Internet marketing companies such as ours would charge for such a service.

Fortunately for you, this has changed. What changed is not the service but the price. How we were able to change the price so dramatically is because of a couple of factors. One is. we have been able to hire and retain some quality key employees to help us administer this program in greater detail and volume. In the old days. it was limited to just a couple of our top employees, including the owner of the company. This limited our ability to deliver the service to a larger number of clients as well as kept the price of delivery higher.

The other thing that changed is that over the years, as the service evolved and we learned from our successes and our mistakes, we have been able to streamline and customize exactly what we do internally to make this program a success for our individual clients to the point of being able to deliver our services in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. You might say we now know how to best maximize the use of our time, energy and service. This has enabled us to lower our costs considerably. In addition, we have also lowered the hourly rate we charge for the service and incorporated this directly into the monthly cost of the service. The bottom line is that we wanted to offer the same level of service with the same anticipated level of return to our clients but at the lowest possible rate. So we took our pencil and sharpened it and trimmed in every possible way in order to be able to offer the program at the least possible cost to our clients in which we would still retain enough profit for us to succeed as a company.

So that is the background on how we got here. Now, how does it work and why should you use it?

For a website to be truly successful it must have constant attention on a weekly and monthly basis. For example, Google gives the most credibility, authority and attention to websites that is knows are constantly being updated. If I am your competitor and I update my websites constantly, meaning daily, weekly or at least monthly and you only update yours every now and then, chances are greater I will always rank higher than you in the search engine on the majority of the keywords and phrases important to yours and my success.

So the first step towards success is constant maintenance/updating of the website. It doesn't have to mean rewriting entire pages, it can simply mean little modifications of text here and there, adding a new line, taking a line away and so forth.

That leads to the second step. What do you change, what do you change it to and why? You could just go in and change things but that would not make a lot of sense unless you just happened to get lucky every time. It makes more sense to have an actual plan or sense of what needs to be changed, where it needs to be changed, what it needs to be changed to and why. For this you need to be constantly analyzing the market. You need to be analyzing your traffic and understanding where they are coming from, why, how, who and what they are looking for. You need to be analyzing your competition as well. And this entire process is an ever changing process like a flowing river. So you constantly have to be on the move.

And then the third step is a juxtaposition of the first two in a constant and ever changing climb. This is the greatest part of SEM, (Search Engine Marketing). It is an evolution.

This is exactly what the CHAMP plan is about and is why a person would benefit from it. With the CHAMP plan you have a certified CIW Professional And Certified Search Engine Marketer working for you every month. Each month we apply the above steps of analyzing the incoming data by using sophisticated web analytics programs that are installed in the background of your website and monitor all of the traffic data. We monitor the competition, meaning those sites that are placing in the top 10 of the major search engines on the keywords and phrases that are relevant to your success And we constantly/regularly adapt and modify your site to advance according to the data gained from these processes. This accomplishes two purposes. One is that it begins to create a tremendous level of credibility and authority to the search engines because they see the constant modifications as a positive factor that makes you more relevant to them. And coupled with that and the focus of the changes/improvements we are making, your site begins to rise in the search engines and your traffic increases.

And then too, we also watch this increase in traffic to see what it does. Because the bottom line to you is that even being at the top of the search engines and getting tons of traffic is not the final solution. The final solution is increased conversions, meaning, more sales. So if you are not getting more sales from this increase in traffic we need to know why and need to know what to recommend to you in order to help you achieve that goal. Maybe the price is too high, maybe too low. Maybe something needs to be said in a different way. There are lots of maybes and no real answer to the question unless we first know what questions to ask and how to find the answers. Web analytics is the solution to this.

So, without being too overly elaborate, this is how the program works. It is an ongoing monthly process that is administered, tracked and worked consistently month in and month out. We apply a very specific amount of time to your site each and every month, rain or shine. And each month you receive, in addition to being able to gauge the results as they occur, comprehensive reports, charts and tracking data from us so you will always know each step of the way what is happening on your site, what we have done, when we have done it, why we have done it and what it all means.

And the bottom line of that is that with this program we know and warrant that your site traffic will increase by at least 50% and your relevant keywords and phrases will move up in the search engines with at least 50% of the most important ones moving into the top 25. And that is one of the biggest requirements to become successful on the Internet -enough relevant traffic and being at the top of the major search engines. Of course, this is based upon a site that has little or no traffic at all. It doesn't mean if you already have substantial traffic we will double your results. No one could at this low price. For that you wuold need to talk with us about a more aggressive seo plan.

Now, with all of that said you do need to understand that this is simply a basic SEO plan. It doesn't mean you will go from just a few visitors every month and no conversions to 10,000 visitors a month and a ton of conversions as in the example we used. If you want to get maximum capabilities from your web business you will need to talk to us about a more serious seo plan. What this plan will do is take a small business web site that is languishing with very little traffic or results and put it on the map and bring in some qualified traffic and the ensuing results that will come from that. The principle being that a little bit of something good is going to do a lot versus a lot of nothing at all which will do nothing at all.

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